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Configuring panels with accordion controls
As a child of the rtvLayout element, you can specify one or more rtvAccordionPanel elements. An rtvAccordionPanel element creates a panel that contains an accordion control for display navigation. The accordion control assumes there is a panel in the center region that was created with the rtvDisplayPanel element. The accordion control sends its navigation commands to this center panel.
The contents of a panel created with the rtvAccordionPanel element cannot be more than two levels deep, not including the root node. If you require deeper nesting create a panel with the rtvTreePanel element.
Use the following attributes to specify the location of an accordion control panel:
*region - Specify the position of the panel as west, east, center, north, or south. The default is center.
*width - Specify the width of the panel in pixels. The default is 125.

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