Apama 10.3 | Apama Documentation | Building and Using Apama Dashboards | Overview
Building and Using Apama Dashboards describes how to build and use an Apama dashboard, which provides the ability to view and interact with data views. An Apama project typically uses one or more dashboards, which are created in the Dashboard Builder. The Dashboard Viewer provides the ability to use dashboards created in the Dashboard Builder. Dashboards can also be deployed as simple web pages. Deployed dashboards connect to one or more correlators by means of a dashboard data server or display server.
Note: This documentation refers to using the dashboard components provided with Apama. If you are using MashZone NextGen instead to visualize your data from Apama, refer to the MashZone NextGen documentation.
Event Modeler is deprecated. Support for creating and deploying scenarios will be removed in a future release. It is recommended that you use EPL or queries to build new Apama applications.

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