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Removed and deprecated features in 9.9
*The Log File Manager plug-in (LoggingManager) is being deprecated and should not be used any more, as it will be removed in a later release. In the future, you should just use the EPL log statement to write log messages, and configure logging using the Management interface (see Using the Management interface). New actions have been added to the com.apama.correlator.Logging event, such as setApplicationLogFile, setLogFile and setApplicationLogLevel. These actions are the equivalent of using the engine_management requests to configure logging (see also Shutting down and managing components). In previous releases com.apama.correlator.Logging had only one action on it, namely rotateLogs().
*Apama no longer provides ODBC drivers. Please use your own ODBC drivers if you need to use ODBC. Please note that Software AG recommends using JDBC rather than ODBC with Apama.
*The ADBCHelper actions findAvailableServers and findAvailableServersFull have been deprecated, and replaced with more appropriately named findAvailableDataSources and findAvailableDataSourcesFull respectively. These are identical in behavior.
*The reopen action on the connection event of ADBCEvents.mon has been deprecated. Please use the action reopenWithAck() instead.

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