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Dashboard enhancements in 9.9
Apama 9.9 includes the following dashboard enhancements:
*A new Trends HTML5 tab is now available in the object palette. The trend charts on this tab support HTML5. The webChartFlag property is set to true by default.
*A new property webLabelFlag is now available for all objects on the Labels and General tabs of the object palette. It is also available for the checkbox object on the Controls tab. The webLabelFlag property is set to true. With this property, the display server client will render the objects from the above-mentioned tabs using HTML5 (on supported browsers) rather than in the image generated by display server. This enhancement can improve system performance in some cases and will also allow users to copy text strings from the objects to the clipboard. This property will be ignored in dashboard_builder, dashboard_viewer, Applet and WebStart clients.
*A new scalar function, Replace All, is now available. It replaces all occurrences of a given string which matches the pattern of the regular expression with another string.

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