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Correlator utility enhancements in 9.9
Apama 9.9 includes the following correlator utility enhancements:
When using the -r option, you should now specify distinct arguments: the request type and a list of strings. For example:
engine_management -r profiling frequency
In previous versions, you had to specify a single string that delimited the arguments by spaces:
engine_management -r "profiling frequency"
When specifying your management requests now, make sure that the arguments are no longer enclosed in quotation marks. Quotation marks are now only used for arguments that contain spaces, such as a file name. For example:
engine_management -r setLogFile "my new log file.log"
For more information on engine_management, see Shutting down and managing components.
Equivalent changes have been made to the doRequest methods in the Java client API and the engine-management-request macro in the Ant macros. Applications making use of either must be updated accordingly.

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