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PySys enhancements in 9.12
Apama 9.12 includes the following PySys enhancements:
*Apama 9.12 ships a new release of PySys, version 1.2.0. This new release includes some usability enhancements such as more informative messages when an assertion fails. For full details, see the PySys release notes.
*The PySys Apama Correlator class has a new method called initialize() which can be used to initialize the correlator with all the files making up an Apama application (such as .mon, .qry and .evt) by specifying just the path of the Software AG Designer project's .deploy file, or a .txt file or directory, without the need to list all the files making up the application individually. See the Apama PySys samples and Pydoc for more information and an example of how to use this.

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