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Dashboard enhancements in 9.12
Apama 9.12 includes the following dashboard enhancements:
*A new dashboard data table "Query instance table" is now available in the Dashboard Builder. Similar to scenario instance table, the new query instance table contains values of all input parameters for instances of an Apama query. You can define commands in the Dashboard Builder to create, edit and delete an instance of a query using the following commands:
*Create query instance
*Edit query instance
*Delete query instance
*Delete all instances of a query
*A new Tab Control object is now available on the Controls tab of the Dashboard Builder's Object Palette. This object provides an alternative to using a Tab Panel ini file.
*The REST API now supports the following new URI GET request, both for XML and JSON: /info/stats. This displays the statistics of instance/trend table queries to dashboard data servers and display servers. In addition, /connections now also shows the connected correlators as well as any configured named dashboard data servers and display servers. See also Managing and Monitoring over REST.

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