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Removed and deprecated features in 9.10
*Apama's Enterprise Management and Monitoring (EMM) and sentinel agent features are deprecated in this release. Apama recommends that you use Command Central instead of EMM for all deployment tasks.
*Actions without parameters that are declared as action action-name {...} are deprecated as of this version. If you still use such a declaration in your code, make sure to change this to action action-name() {...} (with additional parentheses after the action name).
*The following built-in aggregate functions are deprecated. It is recommended that you now use the alternative functions mentioned below.
*count(value). Use the alternative predicate aggregate function count(not value.isNaN()) instead. Note that only the aggregate function is deprecated which uses the decimal and float values. The aggregate functions count() (without an argument) and count(predicate) (with a boolean argument) are still supported.
*prior(value,index). Use the alternative aggregate function nth(value,index) with a negative index instead.
*The profiling request of the engine_management tool has been deprecated. A new cpuProfile request, which provides the same functionality, is available instead. You can still use the deprecated profiling request, however, it is recommended that you now use the new cpuProfile request.

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