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New EPL code coverage feature in 9.10
The correlator can now generate "code coverage" information about EPL files, indicating which lines have been executed. This is useful for measuring the quality of test cases, discovering lines of EPL code which are not being exercised by any tests, as well as for helping diagnose bugs or understand complex interactions in the EPL.
The recording of code coverage information can be enabled and written to disk using management requests, or using an environment variable that automatically writes out a coverage file when the correlator is shut down or when code is deleted from the correlator.
The new epl_coverage tool can then be used to merge together the coverage files that have been produced by the correlator and produce summary statistics about how much of each source file is covered, as well as an HTML report where each source line is shown annotated with different colors to indicate which lines are not being covered.
The Apama extensions to the PySys test framework can now enable code coverage recording, and automatically run a coverage report at the end of test execution, which will help users to create better test cases and to find code paths in their EPL applications that do not have adequate test coverage.
For detailed information, see Generating code coverage information about EPL files.

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