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New dashboard server HTTP REST support in 9.10
You can now monitor Apama dashboard data server and display server components with the same Apama Representational State Transfer (REST) HTTP protocol that is already supported by the correlator and IAF. This provides monitoring capabilities to third-party managing and monitoring tools or to any application that supports sending and receiving XML or JSON documents over the HTTP protocol.
The HTTP protocol uses the management port of the dashboard servers. As a result, in addition to the existing dashboard_management tool, it is now possible to use the component_management tool, the Java GenericComponentManagement API or any HTTP REST client supporting XML or JSON to perform tasks such as pinging the server, listing the version number, memory usage, environment variables and start-up arguments, shutting down the server, and sending other dashboard-specific requests. See Managing and Monitoring over REST for more information about using REST with Apama.

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