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New Python EPL plug-in support in 10.3
Apama supports a new framework for writing EPL plug-ins in Python. See Writing EPL Plug-ins in Python for detailed information.
EPL plug-ins written in Python support Python 3, which is shipped with Apama. They do not support Python 2.
Using the new --python option of the correlator tool, you can enable and disable Python support. See Starting the correlator.
You can also enable and disable Python support using a YAML configuration file. The new pythonSupport element is available for this purpose. Using the new eplPlugins element in a YAML configuration file, you can configure your EPL plug-ins written in Python. See Using Python plug-ins.
Sample EPL plug-ins written in Python can be found in the samples\correlator_plugin\python directory of your Apama installation.

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