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Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 10.3
Apama 10.3 includes the following miscellaneous enhancements and changes:
*Apama 10.3 incorporates the ICU (International Components for Unicode) Timezone Data update 2018e, which is the most recent update at the time of release. This will update timezone data used by the correlator and Time Format EPL plug-in.
*Apama now supports the jemalloc memory allocator as an optional alternative to its standard memory allocator on Linux platforms. For more information, see Using jemalloc to optimize memory usage.
*The TCStore driver now supports TLS-secured connections to a secure Terracotta Server Array. See the Terracotta DB documentation for more information on these concepts. The new TCStore driver property securityRootDirectory is available for this purpose. For more information, see TCStore (Terracotta DB) driver details.
*The REST API now supports the following keys which provide statistics information when the Java virtual machine (JVM) which is embedded in the correlator has been enabled:
In addition, the REST API now also supports the following keys:
*virtualMemoryMB (new name for the deprecated virtualMemorySize)
For more information, see List of correlator status statistics.
*The image for the Apama correlator in Docker Store now supports the Cumulocity IoT transport. See also New Cumulocity IoT transport connectivity plug-in in 10.3.
*A builder image which supports the engine_deploy tool is now available in Docker Store. If you are using the official Docker Store image, you can use this new builder image for project build steps, as part of a Docker multi-stage build. See also Building Apama projects during the Docker build.
*Docker and Kubernetes offer methods of passing secrets to the correlator. This can be used to securely provide credentials to the correlator. New Docker and Kubernetes samples are now available which demonstrate how to use secrets to set variables in correlator configuration files. See also Apama samples for Docker and Apama samples for Kubernetes.
*The documentation has been updated with information to help identifying how personal data can be protected when building applications on the Apama platform. See Protecting Personal Data in Apama Applications for detailed information.
*The EPL syntax highlighting files for Emacs and Vim have been updated with this release. You can find them in the utilities directory of your Apama installation.

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