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EPL enhancements in 10.3
Apama 10.3 includes the following EPL enhancements:
*The new boolean action empty() is now available for the any type. It returns true if the any is empty, false if it wraps an object. See the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) for more information on the any type.
*A new action hash() is now available on all built-in types which can be hashed. It returns an integer hash value in all cases. See the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) for more information.
*Dictionary sizes can now be a larger than 2^32 since the hash function used for keys has been expanded to 64bits.
*The LLVM back-end used for the compiled runtime has been upgraded in this release. In some benchmarks this can produce up to 30% improvement in throughput.

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