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Connectivity plug-ins enhancements in 10.3
Apama 10.3 includes the following connectivity plug-ins enhancements:
*The MQTT transport connectivity plug-in now supports client-side TLS. For this purpose, the following new authentication options can be specified in the YAML configuration file: certificateFile, certificatePassword and privateKeyFile. For more information, see Configuring the connection to MQTT (dynamicChainManagers).
*The Kafka transport connectivity plug-in now uses the Kafka default value for max.block.ms instead of the custom value (2147483647) that was used in previous versions. See also Configuring the connection to Kafka (dynamicChainManagers).
*The Classifier codec now supports regular expressions. For more information, see The Classifier codec connectivity plug-in.
In addition, the Classifier codec is no longer provided as a sample.

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