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Miscellaneous enhancements and changes in 10.2
Apama 10.2 includes the following miscellaneous enhancements and changes:
*The REST API now supports the enqueueQueueSize key which indicates the number of enqueued events. The status log field eq with the same meaning, however, is no longer shown in the main correlator log file. See also List of correlator status statistics.
*The REST API now supports the following keys which provide statistics information when the correlator is running in persistent mode:
For more information, see List of correlator status statistics.
Status log fields with similar names are also available now. See Correlator utility enhancements in 10.2.
*Generated documentation for the REST API is now available in the doc/rest directory of your Apama installation. See the API Reference for Component Management REST APIs. The corresponding information has therefore been removed from Managing and Monitoring over REST.
*The Docker samples have been updated to support a newer Docker version (see the Supported Platforms document for version 10.2 which is available from http://documentation.softwareag.com/apama/index.htm). This includes making the samples usable with both an image built from an installation using the sample and the published image in the Docker Store. The Docker samples now also come with Kubernetes support. See also Deploying Apama Applications with Kubernetes.
In addition, documentation on how to use Docker with Apama is now available. See Deploying Apama Applications with Docker.
*The correlator no longer refuses to start if a distributed MemoryStore is enabled and a license file cannot be found. See also Using the distributed MemoryStore.

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