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EPL enhancements in 10.2
Apama 10.2 includes the following EPL enhancements:
*The reflection capabilities have been improved. For example, it is now possible for an EPL application to query what actions a type has. For this purpose, the following new methods are now available for the any type:
See also Reflection on types.
*When listening to events of all types, you can now provide the following optional values:
*typeName to specify which routable type you are listening for.
*values to name indexable fields in the event.
See also Listening for events of all types.
*ApamaDoc is now available for all of the built-in types and their methods. This includes the primitive types, the string type, the reference types, and the monitor pseudo-type. See the API Reference for EPL (ApamaDoc) for detailed descriptions of all of these types. You can find them under All Types, and under the headings Built-in types and Aggregates. Alternatively, you can find them in the following packages:
*<Default Package> (most of the built-in types can be found here)
*com.apama (includes the Channel type)
*com.apama.aggregates (includes all of the built-in aggregate functions such as avg)
*com.apama.exceptions (includes the Exception and StackTraceElement types)
As the type descriptions are now part of the ApamaDoc, the corresponding topics under Types have been removed from the EPL Reference.
*The new @throws tag can now be used with ApamaDoc. It documents exceptions which may be thrown from an action and the conditions which would cause the action to throw an exception. See also Inserting ApamaDoc tags.
*A new getInfo() action is now available from the com.apama.correlator.Component event of the Management interface, which provides a way for an EPL application to get access to a variety of correlator statistics and operational information. See also Using the Management interface.

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