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Command Central support in 10.2
Apama 10.2 includes the following changes for its integration with Command Central:
*The Initialization configuration and Configuration path configurations for the correlator have been removed from Command Central. Respectively, these are the APAMA-CORRELATOR-INITIALIZE configuration type and the connectivityYamlPath property of APAMA-ARGS. This was the mechanism by which you configured the EPL and connectivity configuration for the correlator to run, replaced by a new mechanism which is documented at Deploying a Designer project to Command Central.
*You can now override the correlator configuration properties using the new APAMA-PROP-OVERRIDES configuration type. In practice, you would use the APAMA-PROP-OVERRIDES configuration type for configuration that is different between your development environment (in your Designer project) and your production environment (as managed by Command Central), like the hostname of a messaging system used by a connectivity plug-in. For more information, see Overriding correlator configuration.
For more information, see Deploying Apama Components with Command Central.

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