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Connectivity plug-ins enhancements in 10.1
Apama 10.1 includes the following connectivity plug-ins enhancements:
Reliable messaging
*Events can now be marked with a MessageId annotation. This is used for reliable receiving. The new MessageId annotation names a field that should contain the unique identifier of the connectivity plug-in message that the event came from. It is thus no longer necessary to make use of copyFrom to get the message identifier into a field. For more information, see Adding predefined annotations.
Dynamic chain managers API
*The new method ConnectivityPlugins.createDynamicChain is now available in EPL. It replaces the deprecated ConnectivityPlugins.createChain method. The new method allows you to specify an additional argument: defaultChannelTowardsHost. For more information, see Creating dynamic chains from EPL.
Miscellaneous connectivity framework changes
*A new helper class called com::softwareag::connectivity::MapExtractor is available in the C++ API. This class provides an easy and type-safe way to extract values from map_t objects such as those used for plug-in configuration. It has automatic support for generating user-friendly error messages if configuration items are missing or of the wrong type. See the API Reference for C++ (Doxygen) for further information.
Note: For Java, this functionality has already been added in 10.0. See also Connectivity plug-ins enhancements in 10.0.
Enhancements and additions to standard connectivity plug-ins
*The MQTT transport connectivity plug-in now supports TLS (Transport Layer Security). The following new configuration options are available for this purpose: acceptUnrecognizedCertificates and certificateAuthorityFile. For more information, see Configuring the connection to MQTT (dynamicChainManagers).
*The HTTP client transport connectivity plug-in now requires TLS version 1.2 for connecting to secure https URLs. See also About the HTTP client transport.
*The HTTP client transport connectivity plug-in now has an additional configuration option basePath which defines an optional path to be prefixed to the metadata.http.path for all messages sent to the transport. See also Configuring the HTTP client transport.
*The Mapper codec now supports forEach to define mapping rules for elements nested in a list. See also The Mapper codec connectivity plug-in.

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