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A .mon file is a file that contains the source text for an optional package specification and one or more event declarations and/or monitor definitions. A file can consist entirely of event declarations without any monitors.
Note: Monitors and queries are the two main EPL programming units. A monitor cannot contain a query. A query cannot contain a monitor. Each unit offers a different approach to event processing. See Architectural comparison of queries and monitors.
A monitor is a group of related variable declarations and actions. An action is a group of related variable declarations and statements. An action can either be part of a monitor or part of an event declaration.
The executable statements (except for global variable initializers) are always inside an action. An action can be either a subprogram or a function. The difference is that a function has a return value and a subprogram does not.
Each file is injected whole or not at all; if some parts compile validly but others do not, nothing is injected and an error is returned. Injecting can also return warnings about the code injected. For example, use of keywords that may be reserved in the future.

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