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Event channels
Adapter and client configurations can specify the channel to deliver events to. A channel is a string name that contexts and receivers can subscribe to in order to receive particular events. In EPL, you can send an event to a specified channel. Sending an event to a channel delivers it to any contexts that are subscribed to that channel, and to any clients or adapters that are listening on that channel.
You can use the com.apama.Channel type to send an event to a channel or context. The Channel type holds a string or a context. When it holds a string an event is sent to the channel that has that name. When it holds a context an event is sent to that context.
The default channel is the empty string. Events sent to the default channel and events sent without a channel specification are added to the input queue of each public context as well as each context that is processing queries.
You can use the com.apama.queries channel to send events to all contexts that process queries.

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