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Documentation roadmap
Apama provides documentation in the following formats:
*HTML (available from both the documentation website and the doc folder of the Apama installation)
*PDF (available from the documentation website)
*Eclipse help (accessible from Software AG Designer)
You can access the HTML documentation on your machine after Apama has been installed:
*Windows. Select Start > All Programs > Software AG > Tools > Apama n.n > Apama Documentation n.n. Note that Software AG is the default group name that can be changed during the installation.
*UNIX. Display the index.html file, which is in the doc/apama-onlinehelp directory of your Apama installation directory.
The following guides are available:
Release Notes
Describes new features and changes introduced with the current Apama release as well as earlier releases.
Installing Apama
Summarizes all important installation information and is intended for use with other Software AG installation guides such as Using Software AG Installer.
Introduction to Apama
Provides a high-level overview of Apama, describes the Apama architecture, discusses Apama concepts and introduces Software AG Designer, which is the main development tool for Apama.
Using Apama with Software AG Designer
Explains how to develop Apama applications in Software AG Designer, which is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment.
Developing Apama Applications
Describes the different technologies for developing Apama applications: EPL monitors, Apama queries, and Java. You can use one or several of these technologies to implement a single Apama application. In addition, there are C++ and Java APIs for developing components that plug in to a correlator. You can use these components from EPL.
Connecting Apama Applications to External Components
Describes how to connect Apama applications to any event data source, database, messaging infrastructure, or application.
Building and Using Apama Dashboards
Describes how to build and use an Apama dashboard, which provides the ability to view and interact with data views. An Apama project typically uses one or more dashboards, which are created in the Dashboard Builder. The Dashboard Viewer provides the ability to use dashboards created in the Dashboard Builder. Dashboards can also be deployed as simple web pages. Deployed dashboards connect to one or more correlators by means of a dashboard data server or display server.
Deploying and Managing Apama Applications
Describes how to deploy components with Software AG Command Central, how to deploy and manage queries, and how to deploy Apama applications using Docker and Kubernetes. It also provides information for improving Apama application performance by using multiple correlators, for managing and monitoring Apama components over REST (Representational State Transfer), and for using correlator utilities and configuration files.
In addition to the above guides, Apama also provides the following API reference information:
*API Reference for EPL in ApamaDoc format
*API Reference for Java in Javadoc format
*API Reference for C++ in Doxygen format
*API Reference for .NET in HTML format
*API Reference for Python in Pydoc format
*API Reference for Component Management REST APIs in HTML format

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