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Configuring instances using the Command Central web user interface
On the Configuration tab of an instance, you can add, edit, or delete items for a product instance configuration type over Command Central.
* To configure an instance
1. In the Environments pane, select the environment in which you want to configure a product instance.
2. Select the Instances tab.
3. Click the name of the instance you want to configure.
4. Select the Configuration tab.
5. From the list of available configuration types, select a configuration type.
Command Central displays the default or available values for the configuration data for the selected instance.
6. Configure the selected instance as follows:
Add new data
Edit data
To edit an item for a configuration type, click on the item that you want to update and click Edit.
Delete data
Test whether data is added or edited successfully.
For example, you can test new configuration data to perform a field-level validation before you save the configuration data.
7. Click Save to save the configuration data.

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