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Web Service Client
The Web Service Client dialog lets you add an operation to a Web Services Client adapter.
1. The dialog shows all operations that are defined in the specified WSDL file. The operations are shown with SOAP and SOAP 1.2 bindings depending on how they are defined in the WSDL file. Ensure that the operations you want to add are selected.
2. In the WSDL saving options section:
When Store locally is selected and Download all imports to local file system is selected, then all WSDL artifacts (or WSDL types) are stored in .services/resources/wsdl_name.
When Store locally is selected and Leave all imports as it is is selected, then only the WSDL is stored locally. WSDL artifacts and/or WSDL types will be fetched from their remote location as needed.
When Store locally is not selected, the WSDL is not stored in the .services folder.
3. The WSDL Location is displayed. You cannot change it.
4. If you want your application to be able to invoke all operations, click Finish.
If you want your application to be able to invoke some operations, click Next.

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