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Debugging a remote application
In Software AG Designer, you can debug an Apama application running in a correlator on a remote machine. The correlator on the remote machine must have been started with the -g option, which disables optimizations that interfere with debugging.
Note: When debugging a remote application, breakpoints are supported only inside actions of monitors and events. Breakpoints inside listener actions or outside of actions are not supported.
* To debug an application on a remote machine
1. Start the application on the remote machine.
2. In Software AG Designer on the local machine where you will do the debugging, select Run > Debug Configurations. This displays the Debug Configurations wizard.
3. In the Debug Configurations wizard, in the left pane select Remote Apama Application, and click the New launch configuration button ().
4. In the right pane, on the Apama Project tab, specify the following:
a. The Name of the debug configuration and the Project on the local machine where the debugging session is being run. The application in the project should match the application that is being debugged.
b. The Host and the Port of the correlator running on the remote machine.
c. If desired, click Test Connection to verify that the connection to the correlator on the remote machine can be made.
5. If desired, on the Source tab, add any needed resources. Generally, the project on the local machine will contain all the necessary resources.
6. Click Debug. The Confirm Perspective Switch dialog opens.
7. Click Yes. Software AG Designer switches to the Debug perspective.

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