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Correlator Profile Configurations
The Profile Configurations wizard lets you create, manage, and run correlator profiler configurations.
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1. To create a new profiler launch configuration, select Apama Correlator Profiler in the tree view to the left and click the New Launch Configuration button ().
2. To duplicate a correlator profiler configuration, select it and click the Duplicates button ().
3. To delete a correlator profiler configuration, select it and click the Delete button (). Click Yes to confirm deletion.
4. To collapse the profiler configurations hierarchy so that you see only the top-level categories, click the Collapse button ().
5. To control which correlator profiler configurations appear in the tree view, select Apama Correlator Profiler in the tree view, click the Filter launch configurations button () to display the Preferences (Filtered) dialog. Alternatively, you can click the down-arrow to the right of the Filter button to select Filter Closed Projects, Filter Deleted/Unavailable Projects, Filter Configuration Types, Apply Window Working Set(s) or Filtering Preferences, which also displays the Preferences (Filtering) dialog.
6. To modify a profiler configuration, select it in the tree view. Then edit it as needed and click Apply.
7. The Profile Configurations dialog also displays a link to the Perspectives Preferences dialog. You can configure launch perspective settings in Perspectives Preferences.

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