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MonitorScript Path Variables
The MonitorScript Path Variables page of the Apama preferences allows you to define path variables that you can use in all of your Apama projects. These path variables are helpful when you share your project with other users. If the project is dependent on one or more external files, not all users might have the external files stored in the same location. You can then agree upon a path variable that defines the location of the external files, and each user can then define this path variable on this preferences page. See also Configuring the project EPL build path.
Apama provides the following standard path variables:
Variable Name
The directory in which Apama has been installed. This variable cannot be changed or deleted.
The Apama work directory. Do not confuse this with your Eclipse workspace. This variable cannot be changed or deleted.
The following buttons are provided:
Add a new variable. In the resulting dialog box, specify the following: the name of the variable and the path. To define the path, you can click either File or Folder. Choose whatever is convenient for you and then navigate to the appropriate folder or EPL file and select it. If the variable represents a directory, you can use the same variable in the path for more than one file. If the variable represents a file, you can use that variable for only that file's path.
Edit the selected variable. In the resulting dialog box, you can change the name and path as described for the New button.
Remove the selected variable.
When you click the OK button of the Preferences dialog after you have added, edited or deleted a variable, a message dialog appears, informing you that the build path variables have changed and that a full build is recommended for the changes to take effect. Click Yes to ensure that the current project state is consistent with the new variable. If you are sure that the new variable does not affect the current project state, you can click No instead.
The variables that you define in the preferences are available for selection in the project properties. For further information, see Specifying dependencies for a multi-user project.

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