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Editor Templates
The Editor Templates page is available when you expand the MonitorScript node in the Apama preferences.
EPL templates provide a way for you to define a short name for a longer pattern that you often specify in an EPL file. For example, Apama provides the dict template. When you enter dict followed by a space in the EPL editor, dictionary<> is automatically inserted.
Apama provides the following standard templates:
on all
on all %\c
on all
on all %\c
%\c in the pattern defines the position of the cursor after the template content has been inserted in the editor. The Template area at the bottom of the Editor Templates page always shows the pattern of the template that is currently selected.
You can define additional templates as needed. All Apama projects can use all EPL templates. You can also define templates in one Software AG Designer installation and then export them for use in another Software AG Designer installation.
The following buttons are provided:
Add a new template. In the resulting dialog box, specify the following: the name of the template (that is, the name that you type in the editor), the description (that is, the template content that is to be inserted in the editor), and the pattern (that is, the cursor position). To define the pattern, you can just copy the information from the description and then insert %\c at the position where you want the cursor to appear.
Edit the selected template. In the resulting dialog box, you can change the description and pattern.
Remove the selected pattern.
Import new templates that have been exported from another Software AG Designer installation. In the resulting dialog box, navigate to the file that contains the templates and select it.
Export All
Export all templates that are currently defined. In the resulting dialog box, specify the name of the file that is to contain these templates. The name Abbreviations.txt is offered by default. If possible, specify a path that is reachable from other Software AG Designer installations that need to import the templates.

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