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Profiling Monitor view
The Profiling Monitor view shows a tree view of the available profiler sessions. These sessions could be associated with different applications or associated with applications running on different correlators.
The tool bar for the Profiling Monitor view contains the following buttons:
* — Resume the profiling session.
* — Pause the profiling session.
* — Stop the profiling session.
* — Manually refresh the Execution Statistics view with collected data. By default the data is automatically refreshed at 10 second intervals; you can change the refresh behavior with the Preferences button described below.
* — Displays a page of the Apama preferences on which you can change the profiler settings. For more information, see the description of the Apama preference page Profiling and Logging.
* — Collapse the entries in the tree view displayed in the Profiling Monitor view.
* — Display the Profiling Monitor view's drop down menu.

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