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Execution Statistics view
The Execution Statistics tab
Comparison of Execution Statistics tab
The Execution Statistics view displays the timing details of the profiled EPL application. This view includes the following tabs:
*Execution Statistics
*Comparison of Execution Statistics
You can adjust the way the information appears using the buttons on the view's tool bar. The following tools are available:
* — Apply and manage filters for displaying subsets of the profiling data. This tool is not available for the Comparison of Execution Statistics tab. For more information on filtering the data, see Using filters
* — Expand the entire of tree of entries.
* — Collapse the entire of tree of entries.
* — Take a snapshot of the profiling data.
* — Manage snapshots.
* — Specify how to organize the profiling information by Contexts, Monitors/Events, or Action.
* — Choose which columns to display. You can also change the order in which the columns are displayed.

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