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Creating a Filter
You can create filters to concentrate on particular profiling data.
* To create a filter
1. On the Execution Statistics tab, click the Filter button [ ] on the view's tool bar and select Manage Filters. The Manage Filters dialog appears.
2. In the Manage Filters dialog, click Add. The Create Filter dialog appears.
3. In the Create Filter dialog, specify the Filter Name and an optional Filter Description.
4. In the Create Filter dialog, click the Add New Row button [ ]. This adds a row in the table field as indicated by a new set of parenthesis marks ( ).
5. Specify the filter criteria as follows:
a. Click the Type column and from the drop-down list select the type of data you want to filter for.
b. Click on the Operation column and from the drop-down list specify the operation that is appropriate to the Type you are filtering for.
c. Double-click in the Value column and enter an appropriate value; then click in a blank area of the table to accept the value you specified.
d. You can add other criteria to the filter by using AND or OR. In the AND/OR column, select the appropriate operator from the drop-down list, click the Add New Row and specify the additional filter criteria as described above.
6. Click OK.
7. In the Manage Filters dialog, select the filter you want and click Apply.
The Execution Statistics tab is updated according to your filter criteria.

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