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Adding the File adapter to an Apama project
If you are developing an application with Apama in Software AG Designer, add the File adapter as described below.
* To add the File adapter
1. In the Project Explorer, right-click the Connectivity and Adapters node and select Add Connectivity and Adapters.
2. Select File Adapter (File adapter for reading and writing to ASCII files). A default name is added to the Instance name field that ensures this instance of this adapter will be uniquely identified. You can change the default name, for example, to indicate what type of external system the adapter will connect to. You will be prevented from using a name already in use.
3. Click OK.
A File adapter entry that contains the new instance is added to the project's Connectivity and Adapters node and the instance's configuration file is opened in Apama's adapter editor.
For the File adapter, the adapter editor's Settings tab displays a listing of General Variables. When first created, it lists variables that are used in the Apama project's default launch configuration. You can add variables by clicking the Add button and filling in the variable's name and value.
For editing other configuration properties for the File adapter, display the adapter editor's XML Source tab and add the appropriate information.

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