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Playback settings
The individual controls available on title bar of the Data Player Control view are:
*Query — The available queries are listed in the Query drop-down list on the title bar.
*Preferences — The Preferences dialog appears by clicking the view Menu down arrow at the right-hand side of the control's title bar. From the Preferences dialog you can select default Time Zone to use and the Date/Time Format to use during playback.
*Speed — Specify playback speed from the drop-down list; 10x is generally a good balance between speed and understandability.
*Throttle — This specifies the Data Player throttling period. The Data Player coalesces scenario update events sent to dashboards and other clients over a throttling period in order to enhance playback performance. The default setting is 5.0 seconds. You can change this setting to match your application. If data overwhelms the correlator or clients, increase the setting. If data arrives too slowly for clients to operate optimally, reduce the setting. Setting the value to 0.0 turns it off.

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