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The Injections tab lists the files, except event files, that will be injected or sent into the correlator when Software AG Designer runs this launch configuration. This includes the files that are in your project as well as additional files that have been added to the project build path. See Defining custom launch configurations.
By default the Injections tab lists all EPL files in the project. The files are listed in dependency order. This is the order in which Software AG Designer will load the files. Software AG Designer determines the dependency order when it builds the project. In almost all projects, you do not need to change the order. However, if necessary, you use the Injections tab to change the order in which Software AG Designer injects the EPL files.
Select Automatic Ordering to exclude files from the launch configuration by clearing the check mark. When you run this project the cleared files are not injected.
Select Manual Ordering:
*To arrange the files in the required order.
*To see the invalid entries in the launch configuration. For example, if a monitor file is missing, the error icon appears on the Components tab and the Injections tab. You can remove the invalid entries by clicking Remove Missing.
All selected EPL files are injected and then all selected .evt files (on the Event Files tab) will be injected.

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