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Updating a web service operation using the Archive Editor
You can create a web service configuration by specifying the operation and the corresponding input and output events as described in Specify the web service and operation to use. When a web service configuration has been created, the Apama Web Service Adapters node is available in the Project Explorer, and the Archive Editor can be used to update the web service operations.
* To update the web service operations
1. In the Project Explorer, expand the project's Apama Web Service Adapters node.
2. Double-click one of the nodes that is shown in the Apama Web Service Adapters node. Each of these nodes has the same name as the Apama project to which it belongs.
This opens the Archive Editor, allowing you to update the adapter configurations that are contained in this archive.
3. Expand the adapter configurations tree and select the operation that you want to update. You can then edit or delete the input, output and fault parameters, or you can add new parameters. In addition, you can also add, edit or remove properties. The archive editor will update the interface description of the operations in the PIDL file.

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