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Adding a classpath variable entry
You can add an entry to the JMS provider's connection classpath using the New Classpath Variable dialog.
* To add a classpath variable entry
1. In the Project Explorer, double-click the project's correlator-integrated adapter for JMS instance. This opens the instance configuration in Apama's adapter editor.
2. Select the desired JMS connection.
3. Expand the Classpath section and click the Add Classpath Variable button ().
This displays the New Classpath Variable dialog.
4. From the Choose Group drop-down list, select the group that represents the JMS connection.
5. If desired, add a Variable Name and Variable Value (either both fields must be filled in or both must be blank).
When you create a variable in this dialog, you can use it as a shorthand way of specifying locations when you want to add several JAR files from the same location. If you specify the name of a previously defined variable in the Variable Name field, the Variable Value field is automatically filled in.
6. In the Jar Name field, enter the name of the JAR file or click the Browse button and select the JAR file.
7. Click OK.

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