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What's new in 9.12 release
*Predictive Analytics Engine has been migrated from Zementis Predictive Analytics 4.1 to 4.2.4.
*Added new ModelManager API to add, remove, update PMML models. Refer to ModelManager API in API Reference for Predictive Analytics Plug-in EPL (ApamaDoc).
*Added new ResourceManager API to add or remove resources like custom functions and lookup tables. Refer to ResourceManager API in API Reference for Predictive Analytics Plug-in EPL (ApamaDoc).
*Added docker packaging kit for Predictive Analytics Plug-in (this is available only on Linux).
*Samples are moved from APAMA_HOME/adapters/samples to APAMA_HOME/samples/PredictiveAnalytics.
*Added samples for demonstrating integration with ModelManager API, ResourceManager API, Integration with various kinds of Asset Stores, and building a docker enabled application.
*Added an installer dialog for providing license file for Predictive Analytics Engine. The license file can also be copied to APAMA_WORK/license directory after installation.

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