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Installing Predictive Analytics Plug-in
To get started with the installation, see Installing Software AG Products guide. It is intended for use with the following guides:
*Using the Software AG Installer. This guide explains how to prepare your machine to use the Software AG Installer, and how to use the Software AG Installer and Software AG Uninstaller to install and uninstall your products.
*Using the Software AG Update Manager. This guide explains how to use the Software AG Update Manager to install and uninstall fixes on your Software AG products.
*Upgrading Software AG Products. This guide contains information on how to upgrade Apama.
The most up-to-date versions of these guides are always available at http://documentation.softwareag.com/ (Empower login required).
When you are installing Predictive Analytics Plug-in using Software AG installer, you are prompted for the Predictive Analytics Engine license file. Optionally, if you specify the license file during the installation process, the license file will be copied to the SAG_HOME/Zementis/adapa-bundle/lib directory. You can also copy the license file to the SAG_HOME/Zementis/adapa-bundle/lib directory after the installation process. The license file is mandatory to start the Predictive Analytics Engine.
Note: The name of the license file must be zementis.license.

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