Application Testing

This documentation describes how to test business services, subprograms, subroutines, and maps in the NaturalONE environment. It is organized under the following headings:

Release Notes Information on new features and enhancements.
Prerequisites Prerequisites for application testing.
Getting Started A brief introduction to application testing. How to test a simple subprogram, how to save it as a unit test file, and how to generate an Ant script from the unit test file.
Features of the Test Editors Describes the features of the test editors for business services and subprogram, such as navigation options and toolbar icons.
Test a Business Service or Subprogram Directly How to run a business service or subprogram by analyzing the parameters in a test editor.
Create a Unit Test for a Business Service or Subprogram How to create a Natural unit test for a business service or subprogram.
Create an External Data Unit Test How to create a unit test that accepts input and/or validations from a CSV file.
Create a Sequence Unit Test How to create a special type of unit test that executes a sequence of test steps in a specified order.
Test an External Subroutine How to test an external subroutine using either a subprogram or a program that calls a subprogram.
Test a Natural Map How to test a map as you would on the server.
Setting Preferences for Application Testing Describes the preferences you can set for the test functions, such as setting preferences for logging unit test results and synchronizing local resources with those on the server.
Creating Ant Scripts to Run Unit Tests How to create XML-based Ant scripts to run unit test files.