Installing the Natural Development Server IMS Adapter

This document describes how to install the IMS TM connection for a Natural Development Server (abbreviated: "NDV Server") running under z/OS in batch mode.

The following topics are covered:

Notation vrs or vr:

When used in this document, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary of the Natural documentation).


For details, refer to the section Prerequisites.

Example Jobs

The example installation jobs are contained in the data set NDVvrs.JOBS and are prefixed with the product code. The data set is provided on the installation medium for the Natural Development Server.

Installation Procedure

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Customize the IMS Listener

See z/OS Communications Server IP IMS Socket Guide for the description of

  • how to set up and operate the IMS Listener,

  • how to use the IMS TCP/IP control statements.

The port number of the IMS Listener is to be used later on in the NDV configuration parameter RFE_IMS_TA_PORT.

Step 2: Install the Server Transaction

It is assumed that the Natural IMS TM Interface is already installed. Thus, this step describes the additional steps which are necessary to create the Natural Development environment.

Step 2.1: Adapt the Transaction Code Table

(Job I055, Steps 2555, 2556)

  • In NIITRTAB, add the following entry:

             NIMTRNTG TRANCODE=NATvrsAD,TYPE=SFE,                          X
                   NIIPENT=ENVNDV00,                                       X
  • Assemble and link the transaction code table.

Step 2.2: Adapt the NIIPARM Parameter Module

(Job I055, Steps 2580, 2581)

  • In the Natural IMS TM Interface parameter module NIIPARM, add a new entry:

             NIMPARM ENTRYNM=ENVNDV00,                                     X
                   THBELOW=NO,                                             X
                   THSIZE=1536000     (1500K)
  • Assemble and link the parameter module.

Step 2.3: Relink the Natural IMS TM Interface Module

(Job I055, Step 2582)

Relink the Natural IMS TM interface module NIIvrsIF.

Step 2.4: Build the Server Interface

(Job I070, Steps 2586, 2587)

  • Create the source NIISFE, which contains a call to macro NIMDRIV:

             NIMDRIV                                                       X                                                       
                   TYPE=SFE,                The NDV server front-end       X
                   NIINAME=NIIvrsIF         THE NII INTERFACE MODULE       
  • Assemble and link the server interface.

Step 2.5: Natural IMS TM Parameter Module

(Job I080, Steps 2500, 2510)

  • Build the Natural IMS TM parameter module.

  • Assemble and link the Natural IMS TM parameter module.

Step 2.6: Link the Server Front-End

(Job I080, Step 2586)

Link the server front-end.

Ensure that the name of the server front-end matches the value specified with the PSBNAME parameter for the NIMTRNTG macro in installation step 2.1 above.

Step 3: Customize IMS TM

  • Define the PSB for the server transaction.

    As a minimum requirement you need a TP PCB. In order to access DL/I databases from the server transactions, the specific DB PCBs have to be added.

    Define the application of the server transaction in the stage1 input. The transaction is a single mode, single segment non-conversational transaction.


               TRANSACT CODE=NATvrsAD,MODE=SNGL,                           X
  • Adapt the MPP region.

    In the JCL of the MPP region, add the SYSTPCD DD statement.

    See z/OS Communications Server IP IMS Socket Guide for the description on how to configure TCPIP.DATA.

  • Concatenate the dataset containing the NDV load library to the STEPLIB DD statement.

Before starting the Natural Development Server IMS Adapter installation, set the SMA parameter NDV-SRV-IMS to Y (yes).

To install the Natural Development Server IMS Adapter, perform the following steps:

Step 4: Create Member for NDV Server

(Job I009, Step 8412)

  • Create member NDVCONFI for the NDV server.

Step 5: Link the Object Modules into the NDV Load Library

(Job I054, Step 8440)


  1. The module NATINRFE applies to two different products: the Natural Development Server (NDV) and the Natural Web I/O Interface Server (NWO). So if you have already installed NWO, the module NATINRFE might already be there. However, it does not matter if you reinstall NATINRFE with NDV because the resulting module from either installation is the same.
  2. The module NATISRFE (referenced in the configuration via FRONTEND_NAME=NATISRFE) has already been linked in the prior steps of batch installation.

Step 6: Create Startup Procedure

(Job I200, Step 8417)

  • Create the startup procedure for the NDV server.

Step 7: Customize the Development Server

In order to dispatch the NDV Natural sessions in IMS, you must adapt the configuration file of your development server running under z/OS in batch mode. For this purpose, two sample JCL members (NDV I009I and NDV CONFI) are available.

Refer to Configuring the Natural Development Server IMS Adapter and to Configuring the Natural Development Server.