What's New?

This document describes the new features, enhancements and corrections that apply to this release of Natural Single Point of Development (SPoD).

It covers the following topics:

Debug Attach Support

Natural Development Server supports the debug attach mechanism of NaturalONE. It is thus possible to debug Natural programs on a Natural RPC server that are called by a Natural RPC client program running on the Natural server. For more information on the debug attach mechanism, see the NaturalONE documentation.

The current version of Natural Development Server for OpenVMS does not support the debug attach mechanism.


NaturalONE also makes use of Natural's Single Point of Development concept. For information on the differences between NaturalONE and Natural Studio, see Natural SPoD Architecture.

This SPoD documentation continues to focus on how to perform remote development with Natural Studio. It only contains documentation for the plug-ins that can be used with Natural Studio. For detailed information on NaturalONE and the optional components which can be used with NaturalONE, see the NaturalONE documentation which is available separately.

Due to last-minute documentation updates, it may be possible that the documentation that you can download with the Software AG Installer or that the online help that you can invoke directly from the product does not yet contain the latest information. The most up-to-date documentation can always be found on the Software AG documentation website at http://documentation.softwareag.com/ (Empower login required).