Development Server File

This document describes purpose and use of the Natural Development Server file, a central dictionary file that is structurally identical to the Natural system file FDIC.

The following topics are covered:

Purpose of the Development Server File

As Natural stores its data in system files, Natural Development Server stores its data in the system file that is assigned to the Natural parameter FDIC, a logical system file which is called the "development server file".

The development server file is used as a central dictionary file for storing Natural applications and the links to objects making up an application. It also holds object locking information. This information is not bound to certain groups of application developers, but has an impact on the entire application development of an enterprise. Therefore, this file should be available only once, to ensure that the application definitions and locking states are kept consistent.

Relations between FDIC and the Development Server File

The development server file layout corresponds to the file layout of the Natural system file FDIC used by Predict. This means that the central dictionary file can also be used to hold Predict data, but Predict is not a prerequisite for using the development server file. This enables you to use your existing application documentation in the application definitions of the remote development environment.

Unique Development Server File

It is of vital importance that the various remote development environments that can be mapped use a common and unique development server file.

Non-compliance with this requirement may give rise to inconsistencies in object locking and in the applications existing in the application workspace.

Under Natural Security

In a Natural Development Server that is protected by Natural Security, the use of another FDIC file in the application workspace is prevented if the application security profiles are activated. See also Application Protection in the Natural Security documentation.