Configuring Natural Development Server under UNIX

User-Specific Environments

A Natural development server can be assigned user-specific environments. These environments can be set within the Natural Configuration Utility.

When a client maps to a server, the server is accessing the NDV environment section of the corresponding port inside the global configuration file and is looking for the corresponding user ID. If the user ID section is found, the corresponding environment will be created and the new Natural session will be started with the following environment:

  • Server Environment

  • User Environment

If no environment is available for the current user, only the server environment will be taken as the Natural session's environment.

The variable NDVSESSION is provided to control the starting of Natural sessions. With this variable it is possible to run a server with the ability to start different natural sessions depending on the mapped user.

The NDVSESSION setting has a higher priority than the -start option of the server.

Suppose an NDV server is started with the option -s=naturalsec and a user has specified NDVSESSION=mynatural, then the session "mynatural" will be launched for this user.

For further information, refer to NDV Environment Assignments in the Natural for UNIX Configuration Utility documentation.

NDV User Exit Routine

Natural Single Point of Development provides the following user exit:

NDV-UX01 This exit is invoked before a Natural source object or a DDM is edited. It can be used to reject editing of certain sources. The source code of this exit is delivered in the library SYSLIB and named NDV-SX01 *).

*) The sources of these user exit routines are named NDV-SXnn, where nn denotes the number of the user exit routine.

Start of instruction set To make a user exit routine available

  1. Copy the source code from SYSLIB into a user library.

  2. Catalog it under the name NDV-UXnn.

  3. Copy it back into the Natural system library SYSLIB.

The name of each user exit source is different from the name of the corresponding cataloged object. This guarantees that the object is not affected if the user exit source is overwritten by an installation update.

For further details, see the source code of the user exit routines NDV-SXnn in the Natural system library SYSLIB.