Natural Development Server Version 8.2.5 for z/VSE
 —  Natural Development Server for z/VSE (SMARTS/Com-plete)  —


This document describes the prerequisites that apply when you install a Natural Development Server (product code NDV) on a mainframe computer.

The following topics are covered:

General Prerequisites for NDV Installation

For information about plug-ins and add-on products available, refer to Empower at and the section Natural and Other Software AG Products in the current Natural Release Notes for Mainframes.

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Prerequisites for NDV under SMARTS/Com-plete on z/VSE

In addition to the general prerequisites described above, the following operating-system-specific prerequisites apply:

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Prerequisites/Restrictions for NDV CICS Adapter

The Natural Development Server must have been installed under SMARTS or Com-plete on z/VSE.

In addition, the following prerequisites and restrictions apply to the Natural Development Server CICS Adapter:

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