Natural Development Server Version 8.2.5 for z/VSE

Natural Development Server for z/VSE (SMARTS/Com-plete)

This documentation applies to Natural Development Server (product code NDV) under SMARTS/Com-plete on z/VSE.

SMARTS is an acronym for "Software AG Multi-Architecture Runtime System". It constitutes a runtime layer that allows POSIX-like applications to run on mainframe operating systems. Software AG products communicate with the operating system through the SMARTS layer.

Natural Development Server for z/VSE is released together with Natural for Mainframes. It has the same version number as Natural for Mainframes.

For information on changes, enhancements or new features in this version of Natural Development Server, see the Release Notes in the corresponding Natural for Mainframes documentation.

../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Introducing Natural Development Server Describes purpose and functionality of Natural Development Server which is used in conjunction with NaturalONE or Natural for Windows (as a client) in a Natural Single Point of Development (SPoD) environment.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Development Server File Describes purpose and use of the Natural Development Server file, a central dictionary file that is structurally identical to the Natural system file FDIC.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Natural Development Server on Mainframes Describes concept and architecture of Natural Development Server.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Prerequisites Describes prerequisites that apply when you install Natural Development Server on a mainframe computer.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Installing the Natural Development Server How to install Natural Development Server under the runtime environment SMARTS or under Com-plete on z/VSE.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Configuring the Natural Development Server How to configure Natural Development Server.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Operating the Natural Development Server How to operate Natural Development Server.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Monitor Client NATMOPI Describes the Monitor Client NATMOPI, a character-based command interface for monitoring the various types of servers that are provided in a mainframe Natural environment.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png HTML Monitor Client Describes the HTML Monitor Client, a monitor interface that supports any web browser as a user interface for monitoring the various types of servers that are provided in a mainframe Natural environment.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png SPoD-Specific Limitations and Considerations Describes the limitations which are due to the different capabilities of the graphical user interface available on the local site and the character-based user interface that exists on the remote site. In addition, this document includes hints which are important for the efficient use of the remote development facilities.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Natural Development Server Frequently Asked Questions Contains frequently asked questions concerning Natural Development Server.
../graphics/gr_b_sm.png Natural Development Server CICS Adapter Describes the optional Natural Development Server CICS Adapter, which is required if you want to use Natural Development Server in a CICS environment.

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