Definitions for EntireX Broker Access - SATBKR

After the installation of Entire Operations or Entire Output Management, you have to create a Natural text object SATBKR in the library SYSSATU, as described in this section.

You have to customize the text object SATBKR to contain the required parameter definitions for System Automation Tools.

For each EntireX Broker which is to be accessed with Broker Security and/or SSL, you need one section of parameter definitions in SATBKR. Each section has the following format:


For Brokers without Broker Security and without SSL, you do not need an entry in SATBKR.

The individual parameters are described below.

For example definitions, see the text object SATBKREX in the library SYSSATU, which can be used as a template for SYSBKR.

No additional definitions are required in the invoking Entire Systems Management products. Broker Security and SSL support is fully transparent for their node definitions.

Creating SATBKR for the First Time

If you are installing System Automation Tools for the first time, create SATBKR as follows:

  1. Invoke Natural and log on to the library SYSSATU.

  2. Issue the command EDIT SATBKREX.

  3. Issue the command SAVE SATBKR.

SATBKR Parameters

Parameter Explanation
BROKER-ID Corresponds to the parameter BROKER-ID specified in the EntireX Broker attribute file.

broker-id is the name of the EntireX Broker under which the service is started, for example, BRKnnn.

If Entire Operations or Entire Output Management is executed in a UNIX or a Windows environment, for broker-id the following syntax can be used: host:port:TCP. Example: BROKER-ID=ibm1:29000:TCP

USER-ID Corresponds to the parameter USER-ID specified in the EntireX Broker attribute file.

user-id is the user ID for the mainframe or the UNIX server.

CPW For Broker Security:

The password for the user-id, in ciphered format.

To cipher a password, use the utility nprpwc (UNIX) or nprpwc.exe (Windows), which is delivered with Entire System Server for UNIX and Windows respectively.

How to use:

UNIX: Open a console (shell) window cd $NPRDIR/$NPRVERS/bin nprpwc

Windows: Open a DOS (command prompt) window cd %nprdir%\%nprvers%\bin nprpwc.exe

After any password change, the ciphering must be repeated.

SSL-TRUST-STORE Optional, for SSL communication: The SSL Trust Store, as described in the EntireX Broker documentation. SSL communication will be used only if this parameter is specified.