This documentation describes System Automation Tools (SAT) used in combination with Entire Output Management, Entire Operations, and Entire Event Management.

System Automation Tools is only available together with these three products. It is used to start the products of the Entire Systems Management (ESM) family whenever Entire System Server is started (AUTO-Start) or on request, using the product's start monitor function.

Parameters can be specified for:

  • the System Automation Tools environment itself,

  • the Natural environment used,

  • each Entire Systems Management product:

    • Entire Operations,

    • Entire Output Management,

    • Entire Event Management.

System Automation Tools can start servers for the above products:

  • Independently of the underlying operating system. This means the same parameters are valid in all environments.

  • Independently of the product version, even with different product versions in parallel.

  • Independently of the version of System Automation Tools. This means compatibility with future versions of System Automation Tools and the products under its control.

  • Independently of the mode of operation in which these servers run: They can run as subtasks in z/OS and z/VSE, or as separate batch jobs under z/OS, z/VSE and BS2000.

  • Even in multi-node-environments consisting of any number of nodes. Of course, they must be interlinked with Software AG's Entire Net-work products.