Incorporating Natural Security Users

This document covers the following topics:

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Only a Natural Security System Administrator can incorporate a Natural Security user.

See Concepts of Incorporation for basic information on how to use incorporation functions.

Selecting Natural Security Users

The Incorporate Natural Security User screen is displayed by selecting function code I and object code NS in a Predict main menu or by entering the direct command INCORPORATE SECURITY.

13:32:58             *****  P R E D I C T  *****            2007-05-31
                    - Incorporate Natural Security User -

User ID..............

Incorporation options
  Add user.............  N (Y/N)
  From date............  0000-00-00
  User type...........*
  with comments........  Y (Y/N)
  with edit description  N (Y/N)
User ID ID of the Natural Security user to be processed. Asterisk notation is allowed.
Add user
Y Natural Security users that are not defined in Predict will be added to it.
From date Limit the incorporation to user IDs which were added to the Natural Security system after the specified date.
User type
The type of user defined in Natural Security:
A Administrator
M Member
P Person
blank any
with comments
Y User ID comments in the Natural Security system will be copied to Predict. Each comment line will be split and stored as two halves.
with edit description
Y User ID comments in the Natural Security system will be copied to the extended description.

Incorporating Natural Security Users in Batch Mode

Command: INCORPORATE Security

Enter parameters on next line in positional or keyword form.

Field Keyword Position
User USER-ID 1
Add user ADD-USER 2
from date DATE 3
User type TYPE 4
with comments COMMENT 5
with edit description DESC 6


To incorporate Natural Security administrators whose names start with A, code the command:


or in positional form:


The example above uses the Natural parameters IA==, ID=, and IM=D.