Incorporating Natural DDMs

This document covers the following topics:

Prerequisites and Restrictions

  • Functions compare and connect functions are available both online and in batch mode; the incorporate subfunction is only available online.

  • For DDMs of type DB2/ESQ, IMS or PROCESS, the functions I and V are not applicable.

See Concepts of Incorporation for basic information on how to use incorporation functions.

Selecting DDMs

Display the Incorporate DDMs screen with function code I and object code DD in a Predict main menu or with the command INCORPORATE DDM.

10:00:00             *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
Plan   0                    - Incorporate DDMs -

Current VM ........... HOME

DDM ID ............... 

Select option
  DDMs of type ......*

Processing option
  Connect automatic .. N (Y/N)
Parameters for Selecting DDMs to be Incorporated
Current VM If a Predict database object is found that is either linked to the Current VM and of type local or accessible from the network containing the Current VM, the master file incorporated from the DDM is linked to this database. A read-only field. If no current VM is specified in the session profile, the parameter Default current virtual machine in the Miscellaneous section of the General Defaults is used.
DDM ID ID of the DDM. Asterisk notation is allowed.
DDMs of type Limit the function to DDMs that access databases of the type specified. Enter an asterisk to display valid values.
Connect automatic
Y The DDM is connected to an existing the corresponding file object whenever the Test subfunction confirms that the two correspond.

DDMs which meet the given selection criteria and are not already connected to a Predict file object are then listed as follows.

13:13:32             *****  P R E D I C T  *****              2007-05-31
                             - Incorporate DDMs -
Search-crit.: DDM ID=ALL
                                     DDM     Predict
Cmd DDM ID                           type    file type        Remark

__  ACCOUNTING                       PROCESS
__  BS2000-COMMAND                   PROCESS
__  CATALOG                          PROCESS
__  CATALOG-UPDATE                   PROCESS
__  CHD-FORMATE1                     ADABAS
__  CHD-TEST                         ADABAS  Conceptual file  Diff. Filetype

Columns in the List
DDM ID ID of the DDM.
DDM type The type of database that can be accessed by using the DDM with this ID: Adabas or VSAM or DB2 or IMS or Entire System Server.
Predict file type The type of any data dictionary object for a file with this ID.
Remark Any of the following type-specific remarks or blank. For type-independent remarks see Remarks which apply to all Object Types.
No related object Applies to VSAM DDMs. The specified VSAM DDM cannot be incorporated as a data dictionary object ntil a data dictionary object for a related VSAM file has been created.
Different file type Predict file object and entry in the NTDB differ.
No master DDM Master DDM of logical VSAM view is missing.
No physical DDM Master DDM of physical VSAM view is missing.
DBID is VSAM Type of DDM different from corresponding entry in NTDB.
DBID is Adabas Type of DDM different from corresponding entry in NTDB.
Super Natural DDM Super Natural DDMs cannot be processed.

Incorporation Functions for DDMs

Valid functions:

Compare - Code T

Compares DDMs and corresponding Predict file objects. Differences between field lists and file attributes are reported.

If no differences are found and Connect automatic is set to Y, the DDM and the Predict file object are connected.

Connect - Code C

Connects DDMs to Predict file object and writes to the generation log of the Predict file object that a corresponding DDM existed when the connection was established.

Display Related DDMs - Code V

If the message No related object the IDs of the related DDM or DDMs that must be incorporated first can be displayed with the function V. The DDMs are listed in the order in which they have to be incorporated.

Incorporate - Code I

Incorporates information from the DDM to a new Predict file object of type A, F, L, R, U, T, V, W, 1 and 2 as appropriate and connects the DDM and the new Predict file object.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

  • Before an object for a file of type W or L can be created, an object for the related file of type V must exist;

  • Before an object for a file of type R can be created, an object for the related file of type L must exist.

  • Before an object for a file of type U can be created, an object for the related file of type A must exist.

  • Incorporate DDM can only be executed online.

  • The V function (see above) can be used to identify related DDMs that must be incorporated first.

Scope of the Incorporation

  • One Predict object of the type file will be created: The new file object has the DDM name as ID.

  • The Predict file object is linked to a Predict database that is either linked to the Current VM and of type local or accessible from the network containing the Current VM.

  • One field object will be created for each field of the DDM. Each new field object will be assigned the name of the field in the DDM. Any prefix specified by the user and present in all field names will be removed to create the corresponding field IDs.

  • One relationship object is created for each coupling definition.

Before the function is executed the following parameters can/must be specified for each file in an additional input screen.

Incorporation Options
Related master file ID of the Predict file object describing the file for which the specified DDM is a userview
Type Type of Master File
L or W V Physical VSAM file
R L Logical VSAM file
U A Adabas file
Truncation prefix If the names of all fields of the DDM have a common prefix and that prefix is specified here, it is removed from the field names to create the IDs of the field objects in the data dictionary.
Comment lines
Y General comment lines in the DDM are incorporated as field descriptions with field type type **.
Remark as abstract
Y Field comments in the DDM are to be incorporated.
Old synonym mode
Y Fields with identical Adabas field names are regarded as synonyms if their type, format, length and descriptor options are the same. This switch can only be set if the Old mode synonyms in the Synonyms screen of the General Defaults menu is set to Y.
List incorporated code
Y The values of all attributes incorporated for the file or userview are to be listed.
After the Incorporate DDM function has been executed, the function Edit elements of a file is executed and a CATalog is performed. If an error occurs, the editor is called so that the error can be corrected. Errors may occur, for example, because a DDM contains less information than an FDT about subdescriptors, superdescriptors and phonetic descriptors. Because errors are possible, this subfunction is not available in batch mode.

Incorporate DDM in Batch Mode


Enter parameters on the next line in positional or keyword form.

Field Keyword Position
DDMs of type DDM-TYPE 2
Connect automatic AUTO-CONNECT 3


To connect the DDM with the name "TEST-DDM" to the corresponding file object in Predict, code the command:




The example above uses the Natural parameters ID=, and IA==.