Incorporating Adabas Databases

This document covers the following topics:


  • Adabas Online Services must be active.

  • Databases must be Adabas Version 6 databases or above.

  • If Natural Security is installed and function protection for Predict is activated, access rights must be given.


  • Only databases accessible from the current virtual machine can be processed (see also the description of the Current VM parameter below).

See Concepts of Incorporation for basic information on how to use incorporation functions.

Selecting Adabas Databases

The Incorporate Adabas Databases screen is called with function code I and object code AD in a Predict main menu or with the command INCORPORATE ADABAS-DATABASE.

16:48:43             *****  P R E D I C T  *****              2007-05-31
Plan   0              - Incorporate Adabas Databases -                         
Current VM ............... HOME                                                
Database number from ..... 1      (1-65535)                                    
                to ....... 65535  (1-65535)                                    
Processing option                                                              
  Connect automatic ...... N     (Y/N)                                         
Update when connecting                                                         
  DB attributes .......... Y     (Y/N)                                         
Command ===>                                                                   
      Help  Next  Stop  Last  LnkEl Flip  Print Impl  AdmFi SelFi Prof  Main   
Current VM Virtual machine of the database. A read-only field. The current virtual machine can be changed in the session profile. If no Current VM is specified in the session profile, the parameter Default current virtual machine in the Miscellaneous section of the General Defaults is used.
Database number from/to The physical numbers of the Adabas databases to be incorporated. A range of up to 23 databases can be specified.
Connect automatic Y - The Adabas database and a corresponding Predict database object will be connected by the Compare function (code T) if no differences are detected between the file lists of the two objects.
DB attributes Y - The attributes of the Predict database object are to be updated.

Databases which meet the given selection criteria and are not already connected to a Predict database are then listed as follows.

13:59:54            *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
                     - Incorporate Adabas Databases -
Search-crit.: DBnr:8-30

Cmd  DBnr Adabas name      Predict database ID              Remark

__      8                  HEB-ADA                          Vista element exis
__     10 DB010-NATURAL    BER-DA-10
__     11                  PD-A0000                         Vista element exis
__     12 GSD-MVS-012                                       DA with diff. type
__     13                  HEB-A-HEB-VM                     DB error:3148
Columns in the List
Cmd Enter a valid incorporation subfunction. Enter an asterisk to display possible values.
DBnr Number of the database.
Adabas name The Adabas name of the database (the name specified with the ADADEF or the ADAREF utility).
Predict database ID The IDs of Predict database object.
Remark Any of the following type-specific remarks or blank. For type-independent remarks see Remarks which apply to all Object Types.

If any of the following remarks is given, no incorporation function is possible.

DB error: nnnn Where nnnn is an Adabas response code between 3001 and 3255. The database is not defined in NTDB as type Adabas.
Vista element exists Incorporating the database would destroy the consistency of the Predict documentation.
Database with different type exists A Predict database object with a different database type exists. Incorporating the database would destroy the consistency of the Predict documentation.
Exists in other Network Unique database number is required and the database already is exists in another network. Incorporating the database would destroy the consistency of the Predict documentation.
Access via Vista The database to be incorporated is only accessible using Vista, but Vista support is not activated in Predict.

Incorporation Functions for Adabas Databases

Valid functions:

Compare - Code T

Compares (tests) the database and the Predict database object and reports differences between attributes and file lists. If no differences between the file lists are found and Connect automatic is set to Y, connect the dictionary object to the database.

Connect - Code C

Connects the database to the existing Predict database object, and

  • copies current information from Adabas to Predict object

  • writes to the generation log of the object that a corresponding implemented database existed when the connection was established

  • connects the checkpoint and security file (if any) of the Adabas database to Predict file objects in the file list of the database with the same file number.

Incorporate - Code I

Scope of the Incorporation

  • A Predict database object of type A is created and connected to the external object.

  • Vista elements for the database are created

    • if Vista is installed and

    • the Vista translation table contains translation elements with this database specified as target.

  • The new database object is linked to the current virtual machine.

  • If this database has a checkpoint or security file, the following files are added to the file list of the database: SAG-ADA-CHECKPOINT and SAG-ADA-SECURITY.

Specify the following parameters in an additional input screen before executing the function.

Incorporation Options
Database ID The ID of the new database object in Predict (mandatory). The Adabas name of the database is displayed and can be accepted or overwritten. The Adabas name is specified in the ADADEF or the ADAREF utility when creating the database.
List incorporated code
Y The values of all attributes incorporated for the database are listed (optional).

Incorporate Adabas Database in Batch Mode


Enter the parameters on the next line in positional or keyword form.

Field Keyword Position
Database number from DBNR-FROM 1
Database number to DBNR-TO 2
Connect automatic AUTO-CONNECT 3
List incorporated code LIST 6
Update DB attributes UPD-DB 7


To incorporate the Adabas database with number 188 as "TEST-DB" and display the database attributes, enter:




The example above uses the Natural parameters ID=, and IA==.