Comparing DDMs

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See also General Prerequisites for Comparison Functions.

If Natural Security is installed and the file (DDM) has been defined to the Security system, only administrators may compare the file. Also, if the file object in Natural Security has an Owner list, the DDM may be compared only by one of its owners. No countersignatures are necessary. A file is not selected if a DDM connected to the file is defined to the Security system and the user is either not an administrator or not in the Owner list.

Calling the Function

The Compare DD Objects with DDMs screen is called with code C and object code DD in any Predict main menu or with the command COMPARE DDM.

10:56:12             *****  P R E D I C T  *****             2007-05-31
Plan   0              - Compare DD Objects with DDMs -              Profile HNO

Current VM .... HOME

File ID ...........                                 Files of type ..*
Contained in DA ...                                 File number .....

Check options                       List options
  File attributes .... Y (Y/N)        Fields .......................* D
  Fields ............. Y (Y/N)        Verifications ................* D
  Verifications ...... Y (Y/N)        Members using differences ....* N
  Adabas Version ....* I7

Restrictions ........*   Profile HNO ,used          Save set ........ N (Y/N)


Current VM ID of the virtual machine object identifying the current environment. A read-only field. See also the table of parameter descriptions in the section Comparing Adabas Databases.
File ID The ID of the Predict file object or objects which are to be compared with the connected DDMs of userviews or files. Asterisk notation can be used.
Files of type Limit the function to files of the specified type.
File number File with this file number is processed.
Contained in DA Limit the function to files in the specified database.
Check options
If check options are not set, compare functions will not reset the Modified after generation flag. See Resetting the Modified after generation Flag for more information.
File attributes
Y Attributes of the file are to be compared with the implementation of the file in the DDM and any differences in file number, database ID and file type-specific attributes are to be displayed.
Y The field list of the file object is to be compared with the DDM.
Y The verifications of the fields are to be compared with the DDM to find any that
  • have incompatible formats,

  • are not activated, or

  • have been modified, disconnected or resequenced since the DDM was generated.

Adabas version The version of Adabas for which the DDM was generated. This determines the representation of integers and floating point numbers, hyperdescriptors and the size of the DBnr and Fnr in the DDM.
List options
How fields linked to the Predict file object are to be displayed.
Y All fields.
N No fields.
D Different: only fields whose Predict definitions differ from the DDM.
How verifications of the fields are to be displayed.
Y All verifications.
N No verifications.
D Different: only verifications that are not activated or have been modified, disconnected or resequenced since the DDM was generated.
Members using differences
Determines the amount of information to be displayed on members using external objects that differ from the corresponding Predict objects. The following differences are possible:
  • A verification has been modified, disconnected or resequenced since the DDM was generated.

  • A Predict field definition differs from the DDM.

  • The file number of a Predict file object differs from the DDM or a userview of such a file.

Valid values:
Y Display types and names of all members using objects that differ in any of the above ways.
N Do not display members.
C Count the number of members per library.
Save set
Y Program types and names reported by the function are saved in a set. See also Saving the Result of Comparison Funtions in Sets.

Comparing DDMs in Batch Mode


Enter parameters on the next line in positional or keyword form.

Field Keyword Position
Files of type TYPE 2
File number FNR 3
Contained in DA DB 4
Check options
File attributes CHECK-FILE 5
Verifications CHECK-RULE 7
Adabas version ADA-VER 8
List options
Verifications LIST-RULE 10
Members using differences LIST-PROGRAM 11
Save set SAVE-SET 12


To compare all files that begin with "TEST" and to display members using differences code the command:




The example above uses the Natural parameter ID=, and IA==.